UPI adds UV protection to Devrinol herbicide

United Phosphorus Inc., Kings of Prussia, Pa., has launched a new formulation of Devrinol DF-XT 50 DF that doesn't break down as quickly in ultraviolet light.
The herbicide has been labeled and recommended for use on a variety of vegetables and fruits for decades.
In the past, the recommendations included preplant incorporation because of its UV light sensitivity, according to a university grower e-newsletter.
Rainfall or overhead irrigation that cause weeds to germinate is still needed for activation.
But none of the Devrinol will be lost waiting for water.
It controls annual grasses and selected broadleaf weeds early in the season.
The new formulation will work no differently under black plastic mulch.
Where growers will see a difference is between rows of plastic mulch where Devrinol use has been avoided in the past because of difficulty of soil incorporation, according to the newsletter.
It is safe on transplants and will not stunt growth when soil temperatures are less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Devrinol provides four to six weeks of control under normal weather conditions—about twice as long in the soil as the original formulation.
- See more at: http://www.thegrower.com/news/UPI-adds-UV-protection-to-Devrinol-herbicide-211830261.html


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