Ranch Systems introduces updated wireless telemetry unit

RS300 telemetry unitNovato, Calif.-based Ranch Systems has introduced the RS300 universal telemetry node that can be configured for a wide range of agricultural uses.
Among those are weather and climate monitoring, soil moisture tracking, remote camera surveillance, and irrigation valve, pump and engine control, according to a news release.
The unit can be configured and expanded to users' requirements.
It combines data logging with radio telemetry in a rugged enclosure powered by a solar panel and battery.
The unit has one dual input port, two high-speed serial ports and 4 megabytes of data memory.
Two expansion slots all addition of up to eight outputs/valve controls or eight additional sensor inputs.
Nodes with local radio modems require a nearby base station to communicate.
Models with cellular or WiFi modems communicate directly to the Ranch Systems server.
It is available for less than $1,000, according to the release.


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