Our society takes too many things for granted

There is a very serious problem in Berkeley County and the rest of the country, too. Children are hungry. Some don't get a decent meal except at school. Packs of donated food are sent home every weekend, in hopes that a child will feed themselves when no one is around to serve a meal. Everywhere we turn, we hear the cry of people asking us for donations to help feed the children. This is a very sad and concerning issue here in America. The question is, why are there so many hungry children and how can we stop it?
There are a lot of good-hearted agencies, churches, and individuals whose hearts go out to these children by giving money, food, and raising funds to help. But the problem is getting worse. Why?
We live in a society where too many things are taken for granted, and food is one of them. God has blessed us with an abundance of food in America. He has given us food to nourish our bodies to keep us strong and healthy. But our culture has committed a sin to this blessing. We take food for granted. If we don't like something, we throw it away, knowing there is plenty more where that came from. This is what we are teaching our children in schools today. Every day tons of good nourishing food is being thrown away and grounded up in food disposals across Berkeley County, and in every school across America. Think about it. I am talking about literally tons of unpeeled bananas, untouched apples, plums, unopened juice boxes, refrigerated milk and yogurt containers, packets of condiments, unopened dry cereal boxes, packaged carrots, and that's only the beginning.
Children throw untouched food away, not because they are full, but because they just don't like it. Salads, cherry tomatoes, steamed vegetables, baked beans, soups, sandwiches, and the list goes on. We need to teach our children not to take food for granted in schools and at home. Every morsel is truly a blessing from God, from the farmer who grows it, the truckers who deliver it, and the hands that cook and serve it. Let's re-examine why our children are hungry, and start managing our food sources, so no child in America will ever go hungry again. Let's all share in a great blessing before it is taken away from us.


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