Profit Tips: Equipment - Calm in the chute

Texas rancher Louie Woodall has seen his share of calves lunging forward, kicking or otherwise struggling while restrained in a squeeze chute, creating a risk of injuring themselves or processing-crew members. He reasoned that if he could discourage them from pushing forward, they would remain calmer during processing. To solve the problem, he designed a gate to mount directly in front of the squeeze chute, featuring a flat steel plate that centers just in front of the calf’s head when the gate is closed. Woodall says the device keeps calves noticeably calmer through branding, castrating or other processing, resulting in less risk of hand injuries to crew members, shoulder injuries to calves and damage to processing equipment. It also reduces processing time and stress on calves. A removable bar slides in above the animal’s neck, making the gate adjustable for animals weighing from 300 to 700 pounds. Woodall says the cowboys on his ranch — guys who have worked cattle most of their lives — really like the device as it makes their work easier and safer.
Source: Louis Woodall, Texas


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