New Freeman Big Baler with greater capacity cuts and bales at same time

The Freeman model 1592D Big Baler, which cuts and bales at the same time, is redesigned for 25% greater capacity. It can package up to 45 tons per hour. The hydraulic drive feed system is reversible from the tractor seat, saving hours of hand work unplugging the baler.
With the state-of-the-art drive system there are fewer moving parts than gear-driven balers. This means that annual repair, maintenance and equipment costs are lower.
Built-in work-saving features of the rugged 1592D Big Baler include the reversible feed system and the time-saving use of hydraulic relief valves instead of shear bolts.
The hydraulic drive system ensures that hay flows directly from the windrow through the feed chute directly into the bale chamber, without the use of a precompression chamber.
The only time the hydraulically driven bale chamber operates is when the bale chamber is fully charged. This design feature gives you 17 to 22 uniform bale flakes per 8-ft. bale, protects alfalfa and other fragile crops, and makes feeding easier — bales break apart readily and controllably.
Price: $500,000 for self-propelled model, depending on options; $240,000 for pull-type model. For more information, call 503/625-2560, or


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