Fighting Rural Hunger

Invest an Acre

America’s farmers are among the most productive and efficient in the world. They grow a food supply that is abundant and safe, and, for most American consumers, affordable. However, food insecurity is still a reality for many people in this country.
Rural America is no exception. Nearly 15 percent of rural households are food insecure. That’s around three million households in the farm communities where much of the world’s food supply is raised.
As an agriculture company with deep roots in rural America, Monsanto is committed to helping address this issue.
We’re continuing to develop tools that help farmers get the most from their land – but we know production is only part of the solution. It takes collaboration and people willing to lend a helping hand to get food on the tables of those who need it most. That’s why we’re also focused on fighting rural hunger in America through partnerships and philanthropy.
Rural hunger is a real issue that needs real action. We’re doing our part.


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