Water harvesting to combat crisis

This time around there’s more to the monsoons than just the conviviality of cool showers. Yes, Delhi is eagerly awaiting the rains and so are educational institutions in Delhi that are making concerted efforts by taking the initiative to conserve water by installing rainwater harvesting structures on their premises.
These structures have been created in more than 100 schools and colleges and as per the Department of Environment and 2,500 installations will be completed this year.
While for many institutions this is a recent concept, some took to the cause well ahead of time. “We undertake rooftop rainwater harvesting and so we installed the structure about eight years ago. Vasant Kunj is an area with a very low water table. The idea basically is to reinforce the water table level by conservation. It is also a way to educate students to help the community by carrying the idea home,” said Ashutosh Batta, principal, Bloom Public School.
The benefits of this concept are manifold. “The water level has come up tremendously. We use it for our washrooms and also purify it for drinking by using the reverse osmosis process. Monsoon or no monsoon, saving water is a must. If we retain it within the system without letting it go waste, it helps a lot,” explained Dr P.C. Jain, principal, SRCC.
In a city like Delhi, where monsoons are scanty and so much construction has hardly left any part of the earth free for water to soak in, efforts to harvest rainwater are imperative.
Shipra Kumar, vice-principal, St. Paul’s School said, “We use the water for our green areas and for construction purposes as well. So instead of getting water resources from elsewhere, we use our own. Delhi has very erratic weather. Therefore, if we have the means to water harvest, we have something that we can always fall back on when there is a shortage.”


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