Grass feeders to have their beef say

WA could have a new representative body in the cattle industry, this time for grass feeders.
Following the success of the WA Lot Feeders Association (WALFA) in recent years, Red Meat Action Group members Gary Buller and Barbara Dunnet are considering creating a WA Grass Feeders Association (WAGFA).
The idea is only in the early discussion stages, but Mr Buller said having a representative body for grass feeders would be a positive thing.
"You only have to look at the organic component of grass feeding which is currently growing very significantly," Mr Buller said.
"The consumers are becoming a lot more aware of what's out there and there are an awful lot of consumers which would prefer grass-fed beef or organic meat."
Mr Buller said the association would be able to better represent grass feeders on issues they were having.
"I know some of the grass feeders have had a real issue getting service kills," he said.
"The other big issue is that with some of the major retail outlets once they switch over to grain fed beef they don't want to know about grassfed beef.
"And that makes it extremely difficult for those people who have been able to finish grassfed beef.
"And I am talking quality cattle that are finished out of season and they are either unable to get kill space or they have been discounted heavily because they are not grainfed at the right time of year.
"I think having a WAGFA may be able to improve awareness within the industry and turn some of those negatives around."
Ms Dunnet said it would be great for grass feeders to have a voice, similar to that of the lot feeders.
"We think that this may well be an option," Ms Dunnet said.
"But at this stage we haven't really put it out any further just because we are trying to get some more information back from Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to see what role they can play and help and assist us to do it."


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