Meat Geek claims to have found the legendary lost steak

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Cow meat. Tasty, whichever way you slice it. Picture: Supplied Source: National Features
THERE'S a new steak in town.
Or at least, there will be, once all the intellectual property and patent mumbo jumbo has been passed.
Known as the "Vegas Strip Steak", it was unveiled recently at the Protein Innovation Summit in Chicago.
“The Vegas Strip Steak was well received by the audience,” its creator Tony Mata told the Cattle Network.
“They tasted it, loved it and applauded.”
Although it's fair to call Mr Mata more of a bovine explorer than a creator. He spent 30 years researching beef carcasses before he was confident enough to approach the proper authorities with news of his breakthrough.
Because steak, you see, is more than just a blob of meat chopped off a beast. There's something in the order of 20-odd official cuts, which doesn't leave a whole lot of cow left over.
“The Vegas Strip Steak is the latest and perhaps last steak to be found from the beef carcass,” value-added meat processing specialist Jacob Nelson told Cattle Network.
Mr Nelson said given the history of the industry, the discovery of a new steak appeared to be an "impossibility".
So exactly which part of the cow will you be eating when you order a Vegas Strip Steak? Mr Mata can't say just yet - he's got a patent pending on the cut and is working with two suppliers in regard to how to fabricate it.
What he can say is that it will be tasty.
“This muscle produces a steak that is on par with or better than today’s most popular steaks,” he said.
“It does not require aging or marinating to achieve tenderness and its visual appeal enhances the steak eater’s overall enjoyment.”

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  1. Wow la verdad me ha sorprendido este descubrimineto, lo aplaudo dado que siempre debemos de buscar el valor agregado a nuestros productos, se acabaron los dias en que solo se vendian las canales y se obtenian grandes margenes de ganancias

    1. Hay un nicho de mercado que esta buscando productos de "especialidad" y no hay muchos productores agropecuarios atendiéndolo. Saludos!


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