SuperCloset Hydroponic Grow Box, "The Trinity", Cuts Harvest Time in Half

The world's first three chamber hydroponic grow cabinet by SuperCloset is designed to rotate harvests every single month versus every two. This enable the hobby grower to realize a return on investment much faster than standard two chamber grow boxes.
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 08, 2012
The makers of the world's top selling grow boxes, Supercloset Hydroponics, have created a grow box that has three separate chambers split between two grow box cabinets. The first "Vegetation" chamber can germinate seeds, clone, and vegetate plants inside the automated SuperCloner hydroponic system situated under two T5 cool white lights. Plants remain in this grow chamber until they are ready to be moved into the "Flower 1" chamber. Here, the plants are transferred into the SuperPonics -16 hydroponic system located underneath a powerful, air-cooled, dimmable 400 HPS grow light and ballast made by Lumatek. Right before setting the included light timer for 12 hours, on and off, to induce flowering, (mimicking the sun's late fall cycle) clones are clipped from these plants, and then placed back into the SuperCloner, replacing the previous ones, which are now matured and flowering. The new flowering plants remain in the "Flower 1" chamber for the first month (for most vegetable and herb growing), then, for the final month, are moved into the dedicated six foot tall "Flower 2" chamber powered with an even stronger 600HPS light. The clones in the "Vegetation" chamber, which by this time have been rooting and vegetating for a month, like before, are brought up to replace the plants that have just been moved to the "Flower 2" chamber. Clones from these new plants in the "Flower 1" chamber, as previously described, are transferred into the cloning chamber, and now all three chambers have plants growing in them simultaneously.
Once this is accomplished, a harvest can now be yielded every single month, as the rotation continues. Everything is set to timers, making it fully automated and foolproof for beginners and professionals alike. This doubles the amount of yields per year, thus doubling production of virtually any dual chamber stealth grow box system. Supercloset is having a sale this month on the Trinity while supplies last.
About SuperCloset:
SuperCloset takes the guesswork out of growing by manufacturing the most innovative and customer friendly hydroponic systems and turnkey grow box units. After 10 years SuperCloset continues to lead the horizontal and vertical growing industry with its commitment to excellent products and world-class customer service.
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  1. Although I had seen so many different type of grow box but I really never observed about Supercloset Hydroponics before which have designed a develop box that has three individual compartments divided between two develop box units. By the way very good to read about it, I am quite satisfied. indoor growing

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