Getting kids interested in agriculture

Agriculture is South Dakota's number one industry, but in this state only about 6% of farmers are under the age of 35.  Some fear that despite it's importance the industry might start to die out in this area.
But KSFY went to an event Sunday aimed at keeping the tradition alive.  We went to an old-fashioned harvest jamboree that was actually in Cottonwood, Minnesota.  The agriculture industry is just as important there as it is in South Dakota and family farming is in just as much danger of dying out.
So one farmer decided it's time to show the kids what life on the farm is like.
Robert Mohn's family has owned this farm for generations.  He and a group of his fellow-farmers decided to throw a jamboree to get local kids interested in their trade.
The adults took the little ones on hay rides, introduced them to farm animals and showed them an antique way to harvest corn.
Mohn says a few hundred people came out for the weekend-long celebration.
Mohn's friend, 4th generation farmer Roger Dale says it's important to show children that their food doesn't come straight from the grocery store.
He says without farmers we wouldn't eat and as the country gets bigger, we're going to need more farms to keep up with our demand for food.
So Dale says it's important that some of the young people decide to get into the field someday.  He says, "the average age of a farmer, I think, is in the high 50's, so we need somebody to take over. you can't keep getting bigger and bigger, we need young people to take over."
Robert Mohn says a past illness gave him the push he needed to start this event.
He says it was already a success in the first year, so he plans on bringing it back again next year.


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