Natural trans fats may be healthier than once thought

Those found in beef and dairy may combat heart disease and cancer

Canadian doctors said this week that some trans fats may actually be healthy to consume.
Researchers with the University of Alberta said that natural trans fats found in beef cattle and dairy products are not detrimental to health and may even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
The researchers said that trans fats from animal products are incorrectly assumed to be on the same level in terms of bad health as those contained in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils used in the preparation of some foods, including baked goods.
Naturally occurring trans fats, the researchers say, has a different fatty acid profile than industrial trans fat, which contributes to its different physiological effects.
The scientists recommended that nutritional labels reflect the differences in the two types of trans fats.
A full report on the study appears in the journal Advances in Nutrition.


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